Holaras FOD Sweeper keeps airport operation areas safe and operational

Large surfaces at airports need to be swept clean and safely within the shortest possible time, so that air traffic and all ongoing operations are not disrupted. The Holaras FOD sweeper is specially designed for cleaning large areas such as at airports or race circuits and parking lots. Towed behind a towing vehicle, the sweeper not only ensures the highest level of FOD prevention, but also provides fast and efficient cleaning of paved runways, taxiways, platforms and other air operation areas (AOA).

The best solution for dealing with FOD

A safe and risk-free environment is very important for airports. Strange objects, also known as Foreign Object Debris (FOD), at airports have a high security risk. FOD can be of any material and size. Sometimes it can be so small that it cannot be seen directly from the car during an FOD check. Foreign objects can cause serious damage to aircraft and/or physical injury to people. For example, FOD can be sucked into aircraft engines and turbines, leading to damage to aircraft engines.

To address the danger of FOD, airports should have equipment to keep runways clean and safe. The Holaras FOD sweeper is the best solution for this.

  • 7 metre sweeping width with three units linked together
  • Can be coupled behind different towing vehicles
  • Easy and single person operation
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Sweeps FOD of different sizes and materials with ease
  • Spacious 400 litre FOD Storage box

Labour- and time-saving

 FOD prevention is an important but also difficult task. Thus, quality and time play a major role, as air traffic and ongoing operations must not be disrupted. Sweeping with a Holaras FOD sweeper is labour- and time-saving. Due to its very simple operation, anyone in the FOD prevention team can work with the sweeper. It can be quickly coupled to a towing vehicle. And sweeping can be done in a wide range of vehicle speeds of up to 25 km/h and with a maximum sweeping width of as much as 7 metres when all three units are coupled.

An Eco-friendly and self-driven sweeper

The eco-friendly FOD Airport sweeper does not need any chemical detergent. It is also silent as it has no motor. Machine maintenance and wear and tear is minimal. For example, you won't suffer from wear and tear on metal bristles. The sweeper is equipped with high-quality and wear-resistant poly zigzag brush rings. These are easily replaceable. The self-propelled sweeper can be coupled behind various types of towing vehicles. And looking to the future, also behind electric vehicles. The vehicle only needs to be supplied with power and air.

Safe storage of FOD in a large collection bin

Each unit comes standard with a 400-litre collection bin. The collection bin safely stores FOD and can be easily emptied after sweeping for proper analysis. By analysing the FOD, the FOD prevention team can find out how it could have got onto the runways. A unique feature of the Holaras FOD sweeper is that FOD of any material can be swept up without any problems.

Some examples of FOD that a Holaras sweeper sweeps up with ease are:

  • Various objects, such as tools, materials or small parts used in aircraft maintenance or construction work.
  • Objects dropped from aircraft or vehicles, such as loose and broken baggage items, catering supplies and loose hardware.
  • Materials blown onto the airport by weather conditions. For example, plastic, sand, stones and even dead animals such as birds.

Technical information


Drive Wheeldrive
Functional width 250 cm
Brushdiameter Ø 80 cm
Width of 1 unit 274 cm
Length of 1 unit 505 cm
Height of 1 unit 120 cm
Weight of 1 unit 2500 kg
Coupling Tow hook


For transport over long distances and narrow roads, the units can be coupled in a row

7 Metre sweeping width with three units linked together


The robustly built Holaras sweepers lend themselves perfectly to intensive cleaning. Due to its sturdy construction, it has a stable road holding and can withstand a good gust of wind. The drive is fully air-controlled and the brush is easy to adjust, allowing sweeping on different surfaces.

Quick check of oil level

Moisture strip for collecting water

Easily sliding out the collection tray without effort and including a safety lock

The Holaras FOD Sweeper offers many advantages, allowing concentration on the most important thing: Keeping the airport safe and operational!

Customer experience: Düsseldorf Airport

Since 2018, Düsseldorf Airport has been using the FOD Sweeper, which fulfils its task to the fullest satisfaction. Holaras was chosen because the price/performance ratio was right. The performance must remain high throughout the entire service life so that no FOD, even the smallest, is left lying around. Since we sweep twice a week, the machine has to withstand intensive use. A big advantage over the competition is that the wear and maintenance of the Holaras sweeper is minimal. This saves time and money."

Mr. Ulf Hahn, Airfield Engineer Technician – Flughaven Düsseldorf GmbH

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The FOD sweeper is fully developed and produced at Hoopman Machines in the Netherlands. Worldwide, Hoopman Machines supplies solid Holaras machines for livestock farming, arable farming, biogas industry and infratechnology. Which we have been doing since 1911. We guarantee good service and a fast and reliable supply of machines and parts.



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Holaras sweepers are robustly built with galvanised frames, and are fitted with poly zig-zag brush rings.